AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Thank you for visiting our website and using this facility to find your favourite rose. While we have over 4,000 rose varieties in our garden (The National Rose Collection of Australia) at Renmark we are not a nursery but we are one of the major suppliers of budwood to Australia's nursery industry. If you see a rose you would like on this database can we suggest you contact one of Australia's major rose propagators (nurseries) and arrange for them to either supply our requirements from their stock or alternatively they can purchase genetic material from us to fill your order.

This online catalog shows images of the roses. We will constantly be adding to this collection.
To quickly see if an image is availabe for a particular rose, type it into this search box.

Adolph Horstman Rose 1

Adolph Horstman Rose 2

Adolph Horstman Rose 3

Anne Harkness Rose

Baccara Rose

Bella Rose

Bettina Rose

Big Chief Rose

Black Velvet Rose

Blue River Rose

Bon Fire Rose

Bonica Rose

Bridal Pink Rose

Cannes Festival Rose

Carina Rose 1

Carina Rose 2

Charles Austin Rose

Cherise Rose

Chivalry Rose 1

Chivalry Rose 2

Christian Dior Rose 1

Christian Dior Rose 2

Circus Rose

Claire Rose

Crocus Rose

Cubana Rose

Dapple Dawn Rose

Dove Rose

Duet Rose

Eisenhower Rose

El Capitan Rose 1

El Capitan Rose 2

Elizabeth Harkness Rose

Excellence von Schub Rose

Eyepaint Rose

Francis Phoebe Rose

Fred Gibson Rose

General Gallieni Rose

Gentiliana Rose

Glauca Rose

Golden Celebration Rose

Golden Celebration Rose 2

Golden Times Rose

Granada Rose

Granada Rose 2

Handel Rose

Iceberg Rose

Iced Ginger Rose

Ilona Rose

Ilona Rose 2

Just Joey Rose

Lolita Rose

Mabella Rose

Mister Lincoln Rose

Molineux Rose

Mutabilis Rose

Oklahoma Rose 1

Oklahoma Rose 2

Papa Meiland Rose

Papa Meiland Rose 2

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