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The Amilcar in Australia in 1927 The Amilcar in Australian in 1927 Amilcar in 1936 Grand Prix with Grill removed after accident
Amilcar shortly after arriving in Australian with OHV engine fitted The Amilcar today. The rare overhead valve engine fitted to the car when it arrived.

Of all the small sports-racing cars that proliferated in France after World War One, the Amilcar was the most famous and most successful. Built at St. Denis from 1921 through 1937, they did extremely well in the hotly contested 1,100-cc class, in which so many fierce little French cars were racing.


The car on display at Ruston's features a 1,074-cc engine with full-pressure lubrication, four-wheel brakes, four-speed transmission, and front semi-elliptic springs. Its known history is complete back to 1926 when it first arrived in Australia.


Amilcar started producing cars in 1921, and won the world's first 24-hour race in 1922, the Bol d'Or. Amilcars competed in the 1924 Targa Florio, and the Mille Miglia in 1927 and 1928. Models evolved from the CC, C4 and CS to arrive at the CGS, or "Grand Sport," in 1924. The CGS was almost like a miniature Bugatti grand prix racer, and many aficionados regard it as the quintessential lightweight, small-displacement French sports car.


It is a lovely piece of mobile art deco, with its long blade-type fenders and wire wheels. Making all of 30 hp at 3,600 rpm the CGSs scoots along surprisingly well because it only weighs about 1,250 pounds. In contrast to many cars of its era, the CGS has four-wheel brakes, with an ingenious sliding rod inside the kingpin to allow braking action to remain constant as the front wheels are turned. In 1926 a lowered "Surbaisse" version (like this one) were introduced with an improved cam profile raising power to 35 hp at 4,500 rpm. Other improvements included a larger sump, bigger brakes, and a cast aluminum firewall.


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